Why choose
Maple Bear Olomouc?

At Maple Bear Olomouc we offer our students a bilingual education with the benefits of the Canadian methodology. Teaching is based on practical demonstrations, explanations and tailoring the lessons to each student's needs.

ready skills

Our education is based on the achievement of specific learning objectives that focus on the development of 21st-century skills and the overall development of students. Our teaching methods reflect modern pedagogical trends and support current needs.

  • Communication

  • Collaboration

  • Critical thinking

  • Creativity

  • Digital literacy

Did you know?

Canada is the leader among countries that have decided to adapt their education system to the demands of the 21st century. Since 1994, it has applied a methodology fully focused on the acquisition of key skills necessary for future success in life.

Children need to be exposed from an early age to activities where they can apply 21st-century skills, including communication, collaboration, critical thinking, creativity, digital literacy and global citizenship. It is about developing the ability and motivation to identify, understand, interpret, create and share knowledge.

Maple Bear Schools supports this broad concept of literacy through its curriculum, instructional methods, and assessment practices. Children are assessed based on their ability to apply what they have learned in new contexts. Assessment and evaluation methods are authentic, serve as a basis for further learning, motivate children to engage in learning and lead to improved outcomes.

Canadian teaching strategies

Our approach is based on innovative methods, a personalized approach and continuous student engagement in the learning process. The goal is to provide students with a level of knowledge and skills that is truly unsurpassed and prepares them for the challenges of today's and tomorrow's world.

Bilingual education
Our approach to language learning goes beyond the traditional framework of learning a second language.

In accordance with the Czech educational standards
Our students can transfer from the Canadian system to another school and vice versa at any time during any year.

Bilingual education

Bilingual education is the use of two different languages in the classroom for the instruction of academic content. At Maple Bear, students study all academic subjects in either their native language or English, depending on the subject and grade level.​ 

Students don’t just memorize vocabulary in a Maple Bear classroom. This is a key difference between the programs offered at Maple Bear and the ESL training offered at other schools claiming to offer a bilingual education.​ 

Furthermore, at Maple Bear, students begin learning English in pre-school using a student-focused English immersion learning system based on Canadian educational pedagogy and best practices.​ 

There have been concerns that teaching children two languages at once only confuses them. Fortunately, there has been much research—much of it conducted by Canadians—which shows that far from handicapping children, bilingual education can offer benefits from infancy to old age.​ 

Its benefits

For a start, bilingual education is very good for English-language development, a goal of many of our parents who chose Maple Bear for their children. Young learners have also been shown to have:​ 

  • Better concentration, analytical skills and multi-tasking capabilities;​

  • They learn to read sooner than monolingual students;​

  • They have an increased sense of self-worth and identity;​

  • They have the ability to live abroad and learn other foreign languages later in life;​

  • Enjoy exposure to more than one culture which leads to a global perspective.​

Numerous studies have confirmed that being bilingual actually makes a person smarter as it has a profound effect on the brain, improving cognitive skills and sharpening memory.

and quality assurance

Each of the Maple Bear schools undergoes an annual visit associated with a quality inspection. A Canadian Education Specialist carefully evaluates the academic performance and operations of the school based on a detailed and comprehensive checklist, ensuring both the high quality of education and the reliability of Maple Bear schools.

our teachers

Maple Bear has over 250 Canadian Faculty that train teachers and school staff around the world. We have the best training program in the world. Our teachers are provided with training on curriculum and strategies on an ongoing basis by very experienced highly qualified educators from Canada. The Maple Bear program ensures that children are safe physically, emotionally, socially and intellectually. Teachers are encouraged to build trusting relationships with children. This trust leads children to be intellectual risk takers, knowing that their ideas and opinions will be valued.

Global connections
for sustainability

Global Connections for Sustainability program is an opportunity for our Maple Bear students around the world to engage and learn together across borders and build their knowledge around global sustainability issues. In 2015, the United Nations agreed to implement 17 Sustainable Development Goals by the year 2030. The 17 goals are aimed at achieving peace and prosperity worldwide by addressing pressing issues such as climate change, quality education, and poverty. Maple Bear saw this as a great opportunity to involve our students by accessing the information on these 17 topics and understanding their impacts.

Giving back​

At Maple Bear we believe that quality Canadian education can bring positive change to the world by educating future leaders to be critical thinkers and imbuing them with a strong sense of social justice and global citizenship.​ ​ 

As part of this commitment, Maple Bear Global Schools also believes in giving back to the countries in which we operate by donating charitable funds to local education initiatives that impact children and families.​ ​ 

In addition to funding projects, the Maple Bear curriculum incorporates themes of social responsibility and community service so that students at Maple Bear schools are exposed to the concept and undertake age appropriate activities. The goal is to turn a whole generation of students on to the joy of giving back.

We are global!​ 

Maple Bear is providing great opportunities for the teachers, students, and schools owners to share experience by attending annual events.​ ​ 

We are Canada! We are Maple Bear! We are Global!​

The most important thing
for us is the joy of learning

If children experience the joy of learning during their school years that lasts into adulthood, they will have a happy and fulfilled life.